Ultron - Natural Herbal Insect Hygeniser

ULTRON is a natural/ herbal Insect Hygeniser Cleanser with action of insect repellant cum disinfectant capable of keeping the environment free from germs, mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches, bedbugs and files. ULTRON is Pet-Safe, Baby Safe, Natural Herbal Insect Hygeniser tested at WHO Referral Institute and Haffkine Institute of Research, Testing and Training, Mumbai. ULTRON principal ingredients are a combination of natural extracts from various herbs and plants. The principal ingredients are Citronella Oil, Lemon Grass, Pine, Marigold, etc., which drive away all types of Insects and maintain a clean, fresh, pathogen free environment. ULTRON can be used in Homes, Schools, Offices, Hospitals, Municipalities, Public Toilets, Dumping Grounds, Townships, Public Establishments, Market Yards, Convention Halls, Theatres, etc. and anywhere else where an Insect-free, Disinfected, Hygienic Atmosphere is required.

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